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John Wrathall Bull introduced a "comb & beaters" wheat harvesting mechanism around 1843.

I am grateful to Kelly Sullivan for providing me with this information on the descendants of John Wrathall Bull

John Wrathall BULL
parents: Rev. John BULL and Elizabeth WRATHALL
born: 23 June 1804 St. Pauls Cray, Kent
died: 21 September 1886 College Park, Adelaide, South Australia
married: c1833 England
spouse: Mary Brant BOWYER
parents: William BOWYER and Mary BRANT
baptism: 18 February 1816 Macclesfield, Cheshire
died: 25 February 1882 Hackney, Adelaide SA


(1) John Bowyer BULL (b: 14/5/1835 Macclesfield, Cheshire; d: 21/5/1907 Kensington SA. marrried: (1st) 9/10/1868 Adelaide SA to Margaret Ellen CAREY).
    1.  John Carey BULL (b: 18/3/1870 Burra SA; d: 14/7/1944 Nedlands, Western
         Australia. m: Dora Jane Poole. 1 son)
    2.  Margaret Ann BULL (b: 28/4/1872 Mount Bryan SA; d: 3/4/1887 Mt. Bryan)
    3.  Mary Ellen BULL (b: 20/1/1875 Kent Town, Adelaide SA. m: Walter Botting
         LUNN. 1 child? (possibly illegitimate daughter, born before marriage)
married: (2nd) 9/7/1883 Mt. Gambier SA to Annie Teresa PAYNE). Children:
    1.  Ethel Victoria BULL (b: 14/6/1884 Dimboola, Victoria; d: Nov 1975 SA.
          m: Frank KOCH. 2 children)
    2.  Maud Bull (b: 1885; d: 1886)
    3.  Alfred Clarence BULL (b: 12/2/1887 Dimboola, Victoria; d: 16/12/1965 Adelaide
          SA. married: 26/9/1911 Norwood SA to Zoe Evelyn Maud ELLIOTT. 2 children)
    4.  Florence Adelaide BULL (b: 1/9/1888 Kensington SA; d: 15/8/1987 Westbourne
          Park SA. married William Benjamin BOWDEN. 3 children)
    5.  Ada Constance BULL (b: 10/8/1891 Thebarton SA; d: 11/7/1948 Victoria.
         married William Le LACHEUR. 2 children).
    6.  Herbert Bowyer BULL (b: 1/1/1894 Thebarton SA; d: 15/6/1970 Adelaide.
         marr A; d: 10/11/1901 North
         Kensington SA)
    10. Wilfred Lakin BULL (b: 28/2/1903 North Kensington SA; d: 19/12/1903
         North Kensington SA).
(2) Robert Peel BULL (b: 9/7/1836 Macclesfield Cheshire; d: 10/12/1913 Dowerin,
 Western Australia. married: Fanny YATES). Children:
    1. Clara Vernon BULL (b: 29/12/1863 Glenburn, Yankalilla SA; d: 19/11/1903
        Adelaide SA. married: Matthew HOLLAND. 3 children).
    2. Annie Elizabeth BULL (b: 1/7/1865 Rapid Bay SA; d: 22/5/1940 Brompton SA.
        married: Alfred HARRY. 8 children).
    3. Mary Louisa BULL (b: 17/8/1867 Silverton, Yankalilla SA. married Frederick
        JAMES. 1 child).
    4. George Henry Wrathall BULL 1/1875 Moonta Mines SA; d: 27/11/1879 Moonta Mines)
    8. Helena Alberta BULL (b: 21/1/1879 Moonta SA; 1839 Adelaide SA; d: 24/2/1924 Rose Park SA.
(5) Charles William BULL (b: 26/12/1840 Adelaide SA; d: 2/5/1843 Mount Barker
(6) Mary Annie BULL (b: 26/7/1842 Adelaide SA; d: 26/6/1906 St. Peters SA.
     married: William Huddleston NASH. 4 children).
(7) Lucy Lakin BULL (b: 30/9/1844 Balhannah SA; d: 27/9/1939 SA. unmarried).
(8) Elizabeth Jane BULL (b: 19/1/1847 SA; d: 16/1/1848 SA).
(9) George BULL (b: 13/9/1848 SA; d: 11/12/1849 Glen Osmond SA).
(10) Fanny Yatala BULL (b: 3/4/1851 Yatala SA; d: 27/8/1929 Rose Park SA.

There were Tink's descended from Annie Elizabeth Harry. John Bowyer Bull was an explorer of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, and Harold Bowyer Bull (son of Robert Peel Bull) was in Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition.
John Wrathall Bull's brothers Joseph and George, and their sister Lucy, also came to South Australia, and had many children