Hoy Family Tree Information.

Here is the information I have on the HOY family of my Great Grandmother who was born in the village of Barkway which is near Royston.

HOY, ThosMiller,
Born 20th April 1817, in Chishill (now Great Chishill)
died 8th December 1898 in Barkway
Martha Walters, his wife Born 9th March 1815 in Elmdon,
died 9th March 1912 in Barkway.
HOY, Tho GeorgeJourneyman / Miller of Harston, Cambridgeshire
HOY, Benjamin 
HOY, MarthaMarried Edwin Andrews of Paddington, London. Photograph of Martha (6KB)
HOY, JaneMy Great Grandmother
HOY, Charles H. 
HOY, Jessica 

I also have some information gathered from Gravestones in Chishill and Barkway.

Tho George Hoy was a miller in Harston, Cambs in the 1881 & 1891 census. He had several children though he was recorded as a widower in 1891.

Thomas Hoy

Thomas Hoy was born in Great Chishill, Essex. His father was James HOY ( 1786- ) and his mother was Rebeccah Greenhill (b.1787) They had the following children :

James Hoy

James HOY ( 1758- ) married Martha Strange. They had the following children :
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