Richard Wrathall of Victoria (and Descendants)

In December 2002, Anissa Miles (née Jones) of Sydney, who can be reached at craiganissa(at)bigpond(dot)com, contributed new information about the lineage of Richard Wrathall, the last son of Stephen Wrathall of Tasmania (1779 - 1872). Anissa describes her data as follows:
I received this information about my ancestor Richard Wrathall from my great aunt Lily Jones, who passed away recently. She did all the research, so I'm still trying to find her sources. She was a member of the Australian Genealogists, so I'm fairly sure her information is pretty good. She didn't have access to the Internet, so I assume she did it via parish records or the like. Unfortunately she hasn't kept very good records on these sources, but I'll tell you what I have. My aunt had no information on any of Richard's siblings. But I pretty sure we have the same Stephen and Mary Ann. Some other information I have on Stephen and Mary Ann's family is: My Aunt's sources are scribbled down on various scraps of paper; some only state a number to which I have no idea what they reference. Anyway, here they are: The first child, Mary Ann Wrathall, was my great-great-grandmother. She married Frederick Harris and had 5 kids. My Wrathall line ends there. I am a descendant of Lilly Harris, who is the mother of my great aunt (Lily Jones). So she would have known Ann Maria Nichollias, who would have been Lily's aunt. But why she has the name Nichollias instead of Harris I have no idea.
Anissa continues with information on the ancestors of her great-great-great-grandmother Eliza Ann Nichollias:
Eliza Ann Nichollias married Richard Wrathall
Her Parents: Bit confusing going backwards, but the parents of William Nichollias (born 1801) were William Nichollias and Elizabeth.

Parents of Isabella Rayner (born 1818): Now it gets really confusing as there are three William Rayners in a row.
Parents of William Rayner, born 1767: Parents of William Rayner, born 1724 I also have information on Frederick Harris back to 17th century, but I'll save that for another day. Also information on Robert John Jones.
From John Horton's Family Group Sheet for William NICHOLLIAS (1803 - 1851) (link supplied by John Horton in Sep. 2003; inactive as of Oct. 2008): In Oct. 2008, Bronwyn Linz [bronvynlinz58(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au] supplied an active link to John Horton's website: The Rayner Family.

In May 2005, the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service had the following IGI Individual Record :
In May 2005, Donna White, who can be reached at dewms(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au, contributed the following about Edith Barbara Wrathall:
Edith married Thomas Henry Hibbert on 14 June 1895 and had a child, Thomas Henry Hibbert Jr., who was my great-grandfather. My mum's cousin did the research, and I have just been having a closer look. I would love to hear any further information, and am glad to share the info I have. [Thomas Jr. and Mary Jane] had a daughter, Isabel May Hibbert, who married John Henry White. These two people are my grandparents, both deceased.
In Oct. 2008, Bronwyn Linz [bronvynlinz58(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au] mentioned the following:
I have further information on the descendants of Edith Barbara Wrathall, daughter of Richard Wrathall and Eliza Ann Nichollias. This is a copy of an email I sent to Elizabeth Janson.
Here are the results of my research on Elizabeth Barbara Wrathall and her children as it is so far. I will be ordering the birth certificates of Edith Elizabeth and Sophia soon so I will give you the updates then.

This is where I found their reference on your website: Wrathall Pioneers: Richard Wrathall

Edith Barbara Wrathall [14 Sept 1869 (Vic bdm 18784) - 8 April 1948 (Vic bdm 3367)] was the daughter of Richard Wrathall and Eliza Ann Nichollias. On 29th August 1895 in Perth Western Australia, she wed Thomas Hibbert, born about 1861 in London. His father was Thomas and both he and his father were bricklayers. On some of the birth registrations for their children, they have different dates for their wedding, but this is the date on their WA certificate: no.338/95. On the certificate she spells her name as Rathall, even signing the same. Their children were

1. Edith Elizabeth Hibbert 1891 Perth WA (1319 WA bdm), although on the bdm website it says Edith Eliza and her mother is Elizabeth Wrafall. Edith married William Henry Carter (23 May 1876 - 27 Mar 1935) in Melbourne on 16 Jan 1909. They had two sons, William Frederick Carter( 24 July 1909 - 30 May 1993) and Percy James Carter (4 Aug 1912 - 5 Oct 1975), my grandfather.

2. Henry Thomas Hibbert [1893 in Perth WA (1895 WA bdm) - 11 Nov 1958 (27900 Vic bdm)]. He married Ann Phoebe Frolley in 1933 but there were no children according to his death cert.

3. Thomas Henry Hibbert [1895 (1410 WA bdm) - 2 Sept 1952 (10398 Vic bdm)]. He married Mary Jane Thorpe on 2 Sep 1952 and had two children Isabel May Hibbert 1917 and Henry Hibbert 1919

4. Sophia Emma Hibbert [1895 (4687 WA bdm) - 6 Sep 1900 (9971 Vic bdm)]. Died from Diptheria 2 years and 9 months.

5. Eric John Hibbert. I have a date of 11 Nov 1898 for his birth date but can't remember where it came from as when I went back to check on the Vic site I couldn't find it. Military service number 3834. His army records as well as Thomas' and Henry's can be found as viewable files on the National Archives of Australia website. I believe he married Jane Willis and had a son, Eric Robert Hibbert. Eric John died 1962 in Newtown NSW.

6. Alexander John Hibbert 13 Nov 1899 (29595 Vic bdm). Other than his name and age being on Harold's birth registration as other children I haven't been able to find anything on Alexander. I have even wondered if he and Eric might be the same person.

7. Harold Joseph Hibbert [2 Jan 1902 (5517 Vic bdm) - 11 Sep 1903 ( 10646 Vic bdm)]. Died from Diptheria

8. Lilian Hibbert [9 Sep 1904 (24019 Vic bdm) - 13 Apr 1905 (4672 Vic bdm)]. Died from Bronchitis.

Thomas and Edith Barbara divorced 7 Nov 1907 and Barbara and John Henry Harrison married on 13 Nov 1907 (9011 Vic bdm). They had two children

1. John Henry Harrison 1909

2. Emily Elizabeth Harrison 1911

Edith Barbara died 8 April 1948 (3367 Vic bdm) and was buried at Burwood cemetery in Victoria on 9th April 1948 Her religion was Church of England.

Although Henry is believed to be the middle name Thomas Hibbert (1861), it isn't mentioned on any of the earlier certificates that I have purchased.

In Mar. 2006, Anissa Miles mentioned the following about Mary Ann Harris (née Wrathall) (1860 - 1897)
Have found the cemetery that Mary Ann Harris was buried in. Mary Ann .... is the grand-daughter of Stephen Wrathall and Mary Ann Walker, via their son Richard Wrathall (1831 - 1908), [and she] is my great-great-grandmother. She died young, aged 37.
The burials are recorded here: Steiglitz Cemetery - Maude Road, Steiglitz (near Geelong, Victoria), and there's also a PDF file with the same data: Steiglitz Burials.pdf. From Page 13:
Surname HARRIS
First Name Mary Ann
Date 19/12/1897
Age 37
Parents Richard and Elizabeth (Nichols) Wratnall
Married To Frederick
Comments Register, V.F.I., Steiglitz Miner 23/12/1897