Here are some of Kelly Jane Sullivan's Wrathall family data; her sources are the Linton-in-Craven parish records, and another Bull family descendant in England.
Marmaduke WRATHALL
parents: Robert Wrathall
baptism: 21 February 1701/02 Burnsall, Yorkshire or 21 February Linton in Craven
marriage: 31 January 1730/31 Linton-in-Craven
spouse: Jane JACKSON
(this marriage also recorded in Burnsall records)
children: (all recorded in Linton records as children of Marmaduke Wraythall, Taylor of Thorpe)
(1) Elizabeth WRATHALL (bapt: 11/9/1732 Linton-in-Craven)
(2) Mary WRATHALL (bapt: 7/4/1734 Linton-in-Craven)
(3) Grace WRATHALL (bapt: 2/1/1735 Linton-in-Craven)
(4) Anne WRATHALL (bapt: 27/12/1737 Linton-in-Craven)
(5) Thomas WRATHALL (bapt: 21/10/1739 Linton-in-Craven)
(6) Jane WRATHALL (bapt: 27/12/1742 Linton-in-Craven)

parents: Marmaduke WRATHALL & Jane JACKSON
baptism: 21 October 1739 Linton-in-Craven, Yorkshire
death: January 1781 Yorkshire
marriage: 10 October 1770 Ravensfield, Yorkshire
spouse: Elizabeth KELL
birth: 1741
death: 1811
(1) Jane WRATHALL (b: 1771 Handsworth; bapt: 13/9/1771 Sheffield; m: 1791
Robert WASS. Children: Rev. William WASS; John WASS; Harriott WASS; Rev. Samuel WASS).
(2) Thomas WRATHALL (b: 1774 Handsworth; bapt: 24/8/1774 Sheffield. d: Yorks.)
(3) John WRATHALL (b: 1775 Handsworth; bapt: 4/1/1776 Handsworth; d: Yorks.)
(4) Elizabeth WRATHALL (b: 1777 Handsworth; bapt: 27/3/1777 Handsworth; d: 12/11/1837 Clipston, Northamptonshire).

Elizabeth WRATHALL
parents: Thomas WRATHALL & Elizabeth KELL
birth: 1777 Handsworth, Yorkshire
baptism: 27 March 1777 Handsworth
death: 12 November 1837 Clipston, Northamptonshire
marriage: 2 July 1801 Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire (see Note 1 )
spouse: Rev. John BULL, M. A. (Oxford)
parents: John BULL & Elizabeth GOODALL
birth: 10 August 1777 Cubley, Derbyshire
baptism: 25 August 1777 Cubley
death: 27 June 1852 Clapham
(1) Elizabeth (Eliza) BULL (bapt: 12/6/1802 St. Paul's Cray, Kent. m: 24/8/1840
London to Jean-Pierre LAGIER. Children: Caroline, Emily)
(2) John Wrathall BULL
(b: 23/6/1804 St. Paul's Cray, Kent
d: 21/9/1886 College Park, South Australia.
m: c1833 Mary Brant BOWYER. arrived in SA: 1838.
Children: John Bowyer BULL; Robert Peel BULL; daughter (d: infancy); James Osmond BULL; Charles William BULL (d: inf.); Mary Annie BULL; Lucy Lakin BULL; Elizabeth Jane BULL (d: inf.); George BULL (d: inf.); Fanny Yatala BULL).
(3) Dr. Daniel BULL (b: 5/7/1806 Downe, Kent; d: 11/11/1852 Bedford. m: Mary Ann WATSON. Children: Alfred Hope BULL; Cornelius BULL; Emily BULL; Mary Ann BULL; William BULL; Lucy BULL; George BULL; Henry BULL).
(4) Rev. Thomas BULL (b: 4/4/1808 Downe, Kent; d: 15/4/1868 Sibbertoft, Warw.
m: Mary Eleanor SLATER. no children)
(5) Henry BULL (b: 11/6/1809 Downe, Kent; d: 30/5/1840 Long Buckby, Northants.)
(6) James BULL (b: 8/1/1811 Downe; d: 23/6/1832 Clipston, Northants.)
(7) William BULL (b: 20/12/1812 Downe; d: July 1813 Downe)
(8) Cornelius BULL (bapt: 3/6/1814 Downe; d: 9/1/1822 Clipston, Northants.)
(9) Dr. George BULL (bapt: 21/9/1815 Leicester; d: 12/5/1874 Moonta SA.
m:1849 Walkerville SA to Euphemia BIRRELL. Children: Emily Euphemia BULL: George Andrew BULL: Clarence BULL; Blanche Ada Augusta Sophia BULL).
(10) Joseph BULL (bapt: 11/8/1816 Leicester; d: 10/1/1857 Strathalbyn SA. m: 1841 SA to Jane RUNDLE. Children: Emily BULL; Henry BULL; Charles BULL; Lucy Jane BULL; George BULL; Frederick Horace BULL; Amelia BULL.
(11) Emily BULL (bapt: 19/11/1817 Leicester. (lived in Geneva with sister Eliza)
(12) Lucy BULL (b: 8/3/1819 Leicester; d: 15/9/1887 North Adelaide SA. m: 1840 Adelaide SA to Thomas Hudson BEARE. Children: Thomas Henry BEARE (d: infancy); Emily BEARE (d: inf.); Emily BEARE; John George BEARE (d: inf.) Thomas BEARE (d: inf.); John James BEARE; Martha Elizabeth BEARE; Edwin Arthur BEARE; Sir Thomas Hudson BEARE).
(13) Edwyn BULL (bapt: 8/8/1820 Clipston, Northamptonshire; d: Oct 1820 Clipston).
(14) Mary BULL (bapt: 13/7/1826 Clipston, Northants. m: Mr BOON).

The ancestors of Rev. John BULL are as follows:
Thomas BULL (c1560) and Ellen PLYMMER -
Thomas BULL and Margaret -
Robert BULL (c1613) and Ann BLOOD -
Robert BULL (c1639) and Ann BOYNER -
Joseph BULL (1679) and Mary/Elizabeth (2nd wife) -
John BULL (c1723) and Mary GOODALL -
John BULL (1748) and Elizabeth GOODALL -
Rev. John BULL (1777) and Elizabeth WRATHALL.

There are many more known descendants...... Many descendants of the Bulls in Australia were given the middle name Wrathall. One of the difficulties is that Marmaduke Wrathall seems to have been in many parishes at once!
Note 1: In Sept. 2004, Trevor Bramley , who can be reached at TLBram(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz, mentioned the following:
I found a reference to a Marriage between John Bull & Elizabeth Wrathall, of the city & diocese of London, on 2 July 1801 at Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. It was on an Archive CD of the Phillimores Nottingham Parish Registers of Marriages Index.