Steve Wrathall of New Zealand is descended from Stephen Wrathall (1816 - 1896) and Maria Hinutoto (1815? - ?); Steve's lineage is available HERE . In 1998, Steve related a number of details about himself and New Zealand Wrathalls; click HERE to read them.

For a google map showing the town of Mangonui on the northern part of the North Island, click HERE (may not display properly in older browsers).

Steve prepared a descendancy of Stephen Wrathall (1816 - 1896) in 2000. For the most recent version, click HERE . Steve incorporated the most up-to-date info from NZ Wrathalls in this lengthy document (48 KB). Use the "FIND" command in your Browser window to locate the person, location, or date of interest.

From 1997 onwards, Steve transcribed (with help from Diane Wrathall and Belinda McLeary) the biography of the original Tasmanian settler Stephen Wrathall (1779 -1872), written by Richard Theophilus Wrathall circa 1930 - 1935.

In November 2002, Harvey Rosieur of New Zealand , who can be reached at harcol(at)clear.net.nz, contributed some notes regarding the Biography of Stephen Wrathall, whose chapters are listed above. Click HERE to read Harvey's information on two of Stephen Wrathall's associates, Henry Rosieur and Charles Cossil.

Steve mentioned the following about his progress in collecting info from all NZ Wrathalls:
"In case you hadn't guessed, I have sent out a letter to all the NZ Wrathalls I could find in the white pages, telling them about the websites, and asking them to contribute to the Wrathall family tree. Within a week I've got a phone call from Merve W. in Whakatane (I'm the Maori Branch), an email from Robyn W. (also to you) and a letter from Diane W in Auckland, who sent a huge genealogy which I'm adding to mine."
Steve finished the above survey of New Zealand Wrathalls in December 1997; the preliminary results (a map of Wrathall locations) are HERE .

In 1999, Robyn Wrathall of Auckland sent in the following info on her husband Gary and family:
My husband Gary Alexander Wrathall b. 3/6/1938 married Robyn Janice Elaine Kay (me) on 23/6/1962 in Auckland NZ. [Data on children removed for privacy reasons]. Gary's father was Frederick Theophilus Evans Wrathall; his mother was Elsie Elizabeth McCready, and his Grandfather was Richard Theophilus Wrathall.
I believe the line we are descended from is Stephen John Wrathall, b. 12/6/1846 Taipa NZ.
Robyn mentioned that she remembered Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Trevor (see descendancy of Stephen Wrathall), thus confirming that Gary is a direct descendant of Stephen John.

In July 2007, Derek Wrathall of Skipton sent an account of a rescue mission by Gary Alexander Wrathall:
The item on Sqn Ldr Wrathall has been sent to me by a distant relative on my great grandmother's side of the family (the Heslams), Alison Brown. Alison found the item when going through her father's NZRAF books. We met Alison and her father on our visit to New Zealand a few years back. Her father, Peter, was a pilot flying jumbos before retirement and then carried on for a while flying a WW2 German plane on tourist flights around Auckland.

Michele Wrathall of Perth sent the following info on her family tree in 1999:
I am Michele Ann Wrathall, originally from Massey, Auckland, but now living in Perth, West Australia. My family in NZ received a letter [from Steve Wrathall] and notified me as I am the one with the huge interest in this matter, tracing the family. This is all I know about my family. Unfortunately it is limited to only my grandfather and close family, but if you could help me I will look for others.

I don't know my grandfather's side of the family at all and would love the have this mystery cleared. One of my grandfather's brothers was George Wrathall.
Michele did some investigative work in 2000 and had this to add:
I have been in contact with my mother, who gave me more information on my family. My great grandfather was Richard Wrathall, brother of Thomas and son of Thomas William Wrathall. Richard Wrathall married Elizabeth Senior, and they had several children: George, Jean, Moira, Kathleen, Ann, Richard and Stanley. Stanley is my grandfather.

Stanley Alyson married Myra Pearl née Butland, and their only child was Stanley Frederick (my father). Stanley Frederick married Maureen Martha née Hannah and had five children.
  1. Michele Ann (me) (unmarried).
  2. Shona Lynn married Murray Gray (one child: Joel Jonathan Gray).
  3. Stanley Mark married Dianne; three children: Samantha, Stanley and Brooke.
  4. Debra Helen married Shaun Sellwood; two children: Matthew and Chelsea.
  5. Kelly Wrathall (unmarried).

So that is what I have found out in just over a week since I began this journey. We have always kept in close contact with James Wrathall and his family. James is one of the sons of Thomas and Rosina Wrathall.
Michele was studying at Curtin University in 2000. Her previous email address was wrathama(at)iinet.net.com.au, and we'd be interested in getting a current address to replace the old one.

Derek Wrathall of Skipton, Yorkshire, U.K. travelled to New Zealand and Australia in the latter half of 2001, visiting close and distant relatives along the way. In December 2001, Derek sent a photo of a Wrathall landmark in the North Island:
[Here is] a photo of a Wrathall Road sign which I spotted as we drove through Mangonui (the place where Stephen Wrathall landed in 1812, according to an account referring to his diary), in North Island, New Zealand. We had a smile at the time as, with the "No Exit" under Wrathall Road and then a separate sign "Cemetery" under that, we decided that this was definitely a "dead end".

For a 1:200,000 scale U.K. multimap showing the vicinity of Mangonui on the north coast of the North Island, click HERE (may not display properly in older browsers). To view a street map of Mangonui (courtesy of Frank Weber's Mangonui Motel website ) showing the location of Wrathall Road, click HERE . In April 2002, Derek Wrathall sent a map showing Wrathall Road and other details of Mangonui; click HERE to view it.
In 1999, Trevor L. Bramley of Auckland , who can be reached at TLBram(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz, had these comments on his research into the Bramley and Wrathall families:

My connection to the Wrathalls is through Stephen's (1816 - 1896) son Richard (1859-?). His daughter Annie Emily married Philip Henry Bramley, who is my Grandfather. I have done [a great deal of] research on the Bramley side. My GEDCOM file has over 6000 names in it, at this stage all linked via the Bramley side. I use a genealogy program called Family Origins.
Trevor sent a few pages from his records to show how he is descended from Stephen Wrathall (1816 - 1896). Click HERE to view Trevor's info.
Andrew Wrathall of Traralgon (Australia) related the New Zealand news in 1999:

" ... Cathie Sibbick of England gave me [some photos and other information] when she came to Australia in January of 1997, after visiting some Wrathalls in New Zealand and Mangonui. I've got a lot of information on Mangonui and the descendants of Stephen (the N.Z. one: Stephen, son of Stephen of Tasmania) which I'll eventually put on my website."

[Hailing from the English Midlands, Cathie is a distant cousin of Roy Wrathall of Cambridge , and has been helping him and Andrew with their research.]
Diane Wrathall of Auckland checked in with this note in 2000:
Finally decided I must have internet. The information you have posted on the net is really interesting and makes all the info gathering worthwhile. Hope things are fine with you. .... My sister-in-law is Michelle Wrathall of Perth. ...... The info on the Wrathalls is excellent and contains heaps more than the last time I looked. What a fabulous job you have done. The address you have for Michelle is correct as I know she's still at college. I think she'll be rapt because we haven't written to her for years.

In 2001, Danny Watson of Alice Springs mentioned he was hoping to get in touch with other New Zealand Wrathalls involved in genealogical research:
Kia ora, he mihi aroha he mihi nui he mihi tenei kia koutou Tena koutou te whanau Wrathall o Aotearoa

My name is Danny Thomas James Watson, son of Zelda Wrathall and Walter Watson. My mother is 80 years of age and is one of 2 surviving chidren of Thomas Wrathall and Rosina Wrathall. I have been involved in Wrathall genealogical research for the past 20 years and was a member of the organising committee for TE HUETU reunion.

I have recently moved from my home in back river road Oruru Mangonui where family members are still living on originally owned Wrathall land and am currently living in Alice Springs central Australia and it is my hope to connect with the descendants of Maryanne Walker and Stephen Wrathall, the original Wrathall who came from England. Both Maryanne and Stephen are buried here in Australia. They had a very large family but it is their eldest son Stephen and youngest son John who are the foundation of the New Zealand branch. I would like to register my interest and assistance in the continuing efforts to record our family history and to unite the descendants. If you would like to contact me my email address is: daystar(at)topend.com.au

I would be happy if you would share this information with all other enquirers re: the Wrathall family, as I have no other email contacts of the family and would love to have some.
In Jan. 2004, Kim Moira Buchanan (née Tutty), who can be reached at kimandgav(at)xtra.co.nz, pointed out that Danny Watson's email address (daystar(at)topend.com.au) was no longer active, so we're hoping somebody will contact us with Danny's new email address. Kim also supplied further data on her branch of the family:
My grandmother was Moira Wrathall, born to Richard Wrathall and Elizabeth Senior... I read your site with absolute relish and then tried to email two contributors, Michelle and Danny, both in Australia. But, very disappointingly, both emails bounced back to me. Do you have any other, or subsequent contacts from either of those two people?

I have anecdotal info, and also the line that follows after Jack Esler married Moira Wrathall and had Judith May (born 14 Nov, year?).
Judith May Esler married Wayne Tutty on 30 March 1968 in Mt Roskill, Auckland

Gailene Wright of Australia is interesting in clearing up the details of her ancestor Lional Wrathall. She sent updated information on her branch in Apr. 2002:
Lional Oswald Wrathall was the son of Maria Elizabeth Wrathall (b. 19 Feb. 1880). Lional was born on 6/9/1898; he married Agnes Annie Abraham of Waihi. Their daughter June Winsome was born 19/6/1929; she married Rex Robert Wright on 12/10/49 at Sandringham, Auckland. Their children (all born in Auckland) were Gailene Ann (15/4/50), Louise Elizabeth (14/6/52), Mark William (25/12/54), Debra Cherie (26/1/56), Dene Robert (23/12/58) and Stephen Lional (17/3/59). My grandfather Lional's death certificate lists Elizabeth and Stephen as his parents, but isn't there also something mentioned about Winnie adopting him?

Winnie was married to Leonard Wrathall, and his nickname may have been Garrow. As a child I remember going to visit Aunts Lovey and Tish and the boys Charles and Norman in King St., Grey Lynn, just down the road from us in Great North Rd. I would say as a big family, my grandpa just fitted in as we were always told he was the baby of a large family.
Gailene moved back to Brisbane in 2002. Anyone wishing to share info with Gailene can contact her at gailene15(at)gmail.com
In 2004, members of the Wagener-Subritzky families had posted information on the descendants of Stephen Wrathall and Maria Hinetatu, from data largely supplied by Alice and Judy Evans of Kaitaia, but the page was missing in June 2006.
In Mar. 2005, Elaine A. Game of Tasmania, who can be reached at regame(at)ozemail(dot)com(dot)au, sent information about Stephen Wrathall (1779 - 1872) and his logging activities in New Zealand:
I came across [a] Maori land deed when following leads to Stephen in New Zealand, and thought you might like it for your records. It is probably Stephen Wrathall the elder, not his son Stephen, who married a Maori girl there. I got a further email from Carol Whitt, descendant of Stephen, son of Stephen Wrathall. She sent me a copy of a photo of her Stephen, which is in a book called Mangonui, Gateway to the far North [written by Neva Clarke McKenna]. I found [the deed] on the Waitangi Tribunal Government [site].
Here are links to two Waitangi Tribunal Reports mentioning Stephen Wrathall (1779 - 1872): Also in Mar. 2005, GENEoNZ - New Zealand & Maori Genealogy had links to many New Zealand resources, including two documents concerning Mangonui, both comprising data transcribed and collated by Carol Whyte of Auckland in 2001:
In Aug. 2005, the New Zealand National Bibliography website had the following entry:
In Sept. 2005, The New Zealand Shipping Company Limited website had the following information:

THIRD CLASS - 274 passengers:
Wrathall Mrs H.M
Wrathall Miss D
Wrathall Master R

In May 2006, Fay Whitehead of Perth, Western Australia , who can be reached at fay(at)smartchat(dot)net(dot)au, mentioned the following:
Our family used to live in New Zealand and .... my husband came across John Wrathall in Auckland about 1958. He was a talented soccer player, but my husband thinks that he died young. He would have been about 17 then.

In June 2006, Beverley Reid, who can be reached at rimutakareid(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz, supplied the following information:
Here is an extract from Kaipara minute book Vol 25 Folios 387/8:
Piri Te Huatu alias Wiremu Matuatonga alias William REID. Mr P. Turei appearing for applicant Agnes Grace Fleet.
Catherine Ephra Ellis sworn, called by Mr Turei.
I knew the deceased [William REID] under 2 names; here is the family:

James Reid (European) married Ripeka Matuatonga (full Maori).
Children from this union were: Papu Robert Reid's daughter Catherine (Keiti) married a Wrathall of Mangonui and left about four or more issue. Richard Wrathall and others of Mangonui now all deceased, leaving numerous issue. I am trying to tie up ends, lots of them. My husband is a Reid, descended from John Reid, who had 3 brothers, [two of whom were] William and Robert. All three died on the East Coast at Rangitukia. I found the writings of the Wrathall family tree most rewarding. I am concerned [whether] there are 1 or 2 Catherines (Katherine) surname REID. .... We have info on John Reid, who married Hene Rukuata of Rangitukia (we think there was a marriage), but no official reg. We do know that Robert Reid married Henriata L. Lathrop, and William married Rachel Joyce of the Bay of Islands.
Beverley also mentioned that she had access to "The Descendants of Te Heutu" by Prof. Bruce Biggs (1921 - 2000), and was planning to do research on related writings at Auckland University. The marriage of Thomas William Wrathall and Catherine REID (Kiti TE HEUTU) is listed in NZ WRATHALL Genealogy.

In Dec. 2012, Beverley related the following (edited version):
Since researching my husband's family (the Reids) I have included the Wrathall name in my family tree, however 2 questions have arisen:

1. The unsolved "murder" of a very beautiful girl from the Wrathall family (I have the Inquest on Georgina), and another unsolved murder
2. Emily Ann THOMAS. Birth mother to the girls is Katherine Wrathall née Reid.

I have found Katherine's resting place, at Hungerford Cem. Does anyone know where Thomas W. Wrathall (Katherine's husband) is resting?

In Aug. 2006, Averyl Maxwell, who can be reached at averylscitrustree(at)hotmail(dot)com, mentioned that Marae Te Inototo's father may have been Hongi Hika. In The Biography of Stephen Wrathall , by R. T. Wrathall, Marae is given the title "Chieftainess", and Marae's father is referred to as "the Tauranga Chief", in Whakatane.
In May 2007, the Wrathalls were mentioned in the following sources: In Oct. 2008, David Wrathall sent a list of descendants of George Wrathall of New Zealand (1840 - ).
In Oct. 2009, Joyce Nicholson mentioned the upcoming publication of a Wrathall Family Book:
Just wanted to ..... let you know that my sister Heather and I will be publishing a book on the New Zealand Wrathall Family Tree plus historical facts of settlement in the Northern Hokianga and Mangonui areas and chapters on all of Stephen and Maria Te InuToto's children - publication in 2010.

We would appreciate your help in letting .... Wrathall descendants know that this book is coming out and if they want to be included in the lines from the above-mentioned children of Stephen Wrathall then they can contact us at joyce(dot)nicholson(at)slingshot(dot)co(dot)nz .
Joyce and Heather Wrathall are in the line from Stephen & Maria/Stephen John/Henry George/Cyril George/Heather and Joyce.
Maps of New Zealand on the "Backpack New Zealand" website:


In Nov. 2003, Pirihira Wrathall , who can be reached at p.wrathall(at)twor(dot)ac(dot)nz, mentioned the following about Wrathalls in Christchurch:
Tëna koutou all of the Wrathalls.

Just a little note in answer to your message. Yes, there are Wrathalls in Christchurch; they are my younger brothers and sisters.

We are from Allan Thomas Ramon Wrathall, who was the son of James Leonard Noel and Ani Koroheke Tito (Parihaka, Taranaki and Manukorihi, Te Atiawa, Taranaki). There are three of us in Taranaki [North Island], too! Awesome site, whanau. Our grandfather was Zelda Wrathall's brother.

Pirihira's ancestry is represented in Steve Wrathall's New Zealand Wrathall Genealogy by the line of Thomas William WRATHALL (1842 - ?), third son of Stephen Wrathall (1816 - 1896) and Marae Te Inototo (1815? - ?).

In Aug. 2007, Karlene Wrathall [kwrathall(at)hotmail(dot)com] contributed information on Wrathall descendants:
Just to add to my sister Pirihira's response on the Christchurch Wrathalls: I am one of the Christchurch Wrathalls, but I now reside in Dunedin. My father's name was Thomas Alan Ramon Wrathall; my mother is Donella Spencer. They had five children: the oldest was Tamehana Adrian Wrathall, then me, then Dana Wrathall, Francine Wrathall and Sharmaine Wrathall. Tamehana now lives in England and I haven't heard from him for quite some time. Dana and Francine live in Gisborne, and Sharmaine lives in Kaitaia. We all have children of our own, and some of us even have grandchildren.

If anyone wants any more information in regard to the Chrischurch Wrathalls, just send me an e-mail.
Click HERE for more data on Thomas Alan Wrathall's descendants.
Eleanor Wrathall Smith of Nova Scotia recalled that her grandfather Stephen Wrathall of Cumbria (1864-1954), who emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1909, may have first stopped in New Zealand, possibly with one of his brothers, who may have then remained there. Any further info on this would be appreciated.