Helen Kenna's Wrathall-Pickersgill Descendancy

Helen Kenna of Ipswich , who can be reached at helen(dot)kenna(at)tesco(dot)net, has put together the descendancy that follows. Her information goes back to John Wrathall and Anne Pickersgill of Linton parish.
John Wrathall (1683 - 1750), Blacksmith of Linton [see Linton Parish records ]
m Anne Pickersgill on April 27, 1728 [see Pickersgills of Linton for possible ancestors]
Helen Kenna concludes:
Supposedly my great-uncle Teddy (marked ## on the descendancy above) wrote an account of his childhood, including the house in Liverpool. I have never seen the document, but my brother has a handwritten copy which he promised to send.

I know very little about my grandfather Stephen's older brothers, as I am told there was a falling-out between the children of the first wife and the subsequent children. I believe the first three (Frank, Jim and John) may have stayed in Liverpool whilst the others moved over to Cheshire.
The life story written by Edward Wrathall (great-uncle Teddy) was called A WRATHALL FAMILY HISTORY .
In May 2004, Simon Wrathall of Cambridge (marked ++ above), who can be reached at simonjw_x(at)hotmail(dot)com , contacted us with some revisions to the above descendancy.
John Wrathall's (b.1863) first wife's maiden name was Howarth who was mother to Frank 1887, James 1889, John 1892. Next, Frances Violet Humphrys was mother to George 1894, Stephen 1896, Edward 1899, Jane 1904, Harry 1905. Finally Alice May was mother to Alice Mattinson 1909.

John didn't run the Hyde fire service, he was in charge of the stables. He died in 1914 - a brain tumour is mentioned but also the after effects of attending a large fire. I have a similar but I think slightly fuller account to that in A WRATHALL FAMILY HISTORY , which I have [sent to you], as it includes a lot of information on my grandfather Stephen.
The document contributed by Simon is titled Recollections of Edward Wrathall b.1899.
Roy Wrathall has investigated the possible connections between Helen's descendancy above and his own line:
I have some new data to my Wrathall pages. In there I think you will find a John Wrathall, b. 18 Sep 1863 (marked ** on the descendancy above). I have a note from my brother that John had a milk-house at Hyde. John was my Grandfather's brother. John's father was Isaac, b 9 Jan 1837, d. 1908. John is listed in the outline tree at http://www.sullom.demon.co.uk/wrathall/outline.html

Having read through Helen's e-mail and seeing the link to Alan Wrathall of Cambridge, I recall that when I met Alan he told me about the Hyde link and said that our trees are really quite close. I don't think I have any more data on John (b 1863). My brother .... gave Alan (of Cambridge) a lot of information and he may have some additional data.

The data in the person/surname indexes on my web pages was refreshed at the weekend with a ged2html of the oldest 6 (I think) generations from the Linton blacksmith downwards. It now includes information from Derek (of Skipton) and some from Cathie Sibbick.

James Wrathall (marked @@ on the descendancy above) was mentioned as a contributor to The British 19th Century Surname Atlas. In September 5, 2003, George Redmonds wrote the following in a discussion related to his Atlas:
Various attempts have been made in that period to map surname distributions in a way that would satisfactorily identify the significant areas of concentration. It started in my own Yorkshire: West Riding, with statistics extracted from telephone directories and maps drawn by James Wrathall employing traditional cartographic symbols.