Ancestors and Descendants of James Wrathall (1828 - 1896)

The following are GED2HTML documents (pedigrees with interlinked information): Irene Wrathall Millward, wife of the late Elwin VanOrden (Jack) Millward of Grantsville (1916 - 2000), passed away on Oct. 8, 2002 after a long illness. Click HERE for more information on Irene and her funeral service. John Paul Millward (son of Jack Millward of Grantsville) prepared an account of the life of Gobo Fango, who worked for the Hunter and Wrathall families; click HERE to view it.

In Nov. 2003, James L. Wrathall II contributed information regarding Holger and Cecilia Peterson, parents of Anna Carolina Peterson (1888 - 1972); click HERE to read it.

In Feb. 2004, Pauline Wrathall Hawker contributed a biography of her mother: History of Anna Carolina Peterson (1888 - 1972).  In Feb. 2004, Pauline also sent 8 photos of Anna Carolina Peterson's family: In July 2004, James L. Wrathall II provided a copy of a letter from his grandfather James L. Wrathall (1860 - 1932) to his great-grandfather James Wrathall (1828-1896). The letter is divided into 8 pages, the last two of which appear to be from a journal. In addition, Pauline Wrathall Hawker provided photos and documents about James L. Wrathall's family: Edward Hunter (1822 - 1892) and Mary Ann Whitesides (1825 - 1914) are mentioned in the biography of Gobo Fango . The L. D. S. Church history site "Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847 -1868" has listings for Edward Hunter's uncle Edward Hunter (1793 - 1883) and Mary Ann Whitesides in the Edward Hunter - Jacob Foutz Company (1847)

In Sept. 2004, Jill Juchau provided copies of some documents pertaining to her great-grandfather James L. Wrathall (1860 - 1932) and to her grandmother, Anna Carolina Peterson (1888 - 1972). The edited versions of these documents are listed below: In June 2005, James L. Wrathall II provided information on Wrathall properties in and near Grantsville, including the locations of the residences of James Wrathall (J. W.), James L. Wrathall (J. L. W.) and Paul E. Wrathall (P. W.), as shown on the map of Grantsville, which is an edited detail from U. S. G. S. map "Grantsville Quadrangle, 7.5 minute series" (1955).

The area labelled "Old Severe Place" was once owned by Harrison Severe (1820 - 1901), and was divided into alfalfa and corn fields to the west of Wrathall Circle, and a grain field and vineyard to the east and north of Wrathall Circle. The southwest corner of the farm held a pond, and the southeast corner held Paul E. Wrathall's barnyard, house and truck garden.

The area labelled "Old Barn Field" included an old barn and alfalfa field in the southern half, a stud pasture and "doby hole" (pit for mixing adobe, using clay and straw) north of that, and a meadow in the northern quarter. The area labelled "Maud Cooley Farm" was once owned by Maud Cooley (1874 - 1948), and was divided into a corn field (west third) and a pasture and "doby hole" in the eastern two-thirds.

In Aug. 2005, Grantsville's Donner-Reed Pioneer Museum website had a description of items in an envelope in its collection pertaining to the school system:
In the envelope is a letter from the Tooele County, State of Utah, Superintendant [sic] of Schools, Lillian Rowberry. The letter is regarding the Grantsville District school building that was erected in 1912. Members of the school board were Monte Barrus, Chairman; C. Leroy Anderson, Clerk; James L. Wrathall, Treasurer. Note: John R. Jibson was elected to succeed James L. Wrathall whose term of office expired in July, 1912. .....
Two pictures of the old Grantsville Academy, a picture assumed to be faculty (1st row: Rose Frances Fraser Hunter, Emma Sharp, B.W. Black, Irene Wrathall Page; 2nd row: ________, R.D. Halladay, _____________ Rowberry, Carrie Peterson Wrathall) was taken in the school library.
Also in Aug. 2005, the website for Brigham Young High School - Class of 1911 contained the following items: In Oct. 2005, Brenda Cooper contributed information on the family of John William Wrathall, James Wrathall's nephew, who emigrated to Utah during or prior to 1889.

In Mar. 2006, Jill Juchau, who can be reached at juchau05(at)sbcglobal(dot)net, provided a copy of an image done in pastels, prepared for Pauline Wrathall Hawker by Jessie Taylor, from a photograph of Paul E. and Carrie Wrathall's house on West Main St., Grantsville.

In May 2006, Helen Aldridge (dustbuster777(at)hotmail(dot)com) contributed an account concerning Paul E. and Carrie Wrathall and their home in Grantsville (with help from Pauline W. Hawker). In Aug. 2006, Helen contributed a description of the home of James L. and Penninah Wrathall.

In Oct. 2006, the Salt Lake Tribune published the obituary of John Paul Millward of Ogden (1943 - 2006), son of Elwin VanOrden (Jack) Millward (1916 - 2000) and Cecilia Irene Wrathall (1916 - 2003).

In Jul. 2007, Helen Aldridge contributed a description of the home of Jack and Irene Millward.

In July 2007, the LDS library had 2 listings for James L. Wrathall: In June 2009, Utah Digital Newspapers had an article from the Salt Lake Herald (1901-10-20) mentioning James L. Wrathall:
Five of Them
Bishop Wrathall and committee of Grantsville just purchased five Schaeffer pianos, two of them for the new opera house, Grantsville. They wanted pianos of high artistic merit at a reasonable price. The competition was keen and the committee critical, but the order was given to Vansant & Chamberlain, proprietors Cabie Piano & Organ Company, directly opposite Z. C. M. L. in this city. This is a piano that is giving great satisfaction in hundreds of Utah homes.
In Jan. 2010, Pauline Wrathall Hawker sent a disc containing information about Paula Jeanne Hawker of Salt Lake City (1958 - 1998). Paula was a great-great-grand-daughter of early Grantsville settler James Wrathall (1828 - 1896).

In Jul. 2010, the Tooele Transcript Bulletin published an article on the James L. Wrathall house.

James L. Wrathall II (1919 - 2011) was a great-grandson of James Wrathall of Grantsville: