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Burton-in-Lonsdale, All Saints Parish Church
High Bentham, St. Margaret's Church
Low Bentham, St. John The Baptist
Chapel-le-Dale, St. Leonard
Conistone, St. Mary
Halton-on-Lune, St. Wilfrid’s
Linton, St. Michael & All Angels
Thornton-in-Lonsdale, St. Oswald

Burton-in-Lonsdale - All Saints Parish Church

  • In Loving Memory of Grace Rebecca daughter of James & Mary WRATHALL of Low Fields born Aug 20th 1866 died Feb 19th 1893 also of the above Mary WRATHALL who died Dec 5th 1917 aged 84 years and James WRATHALL who died March 7th 1918 aged 84 years. Thy will be done

  • In Loving Memory of William George WRATHALL born 1864 died 1936 and Elizabeth Alice WRATHALL born 1861 died 1940. At rest.

  • In Loving Memory of Thomas WRATHALL of Thornber House , High Bentham born November 16th 1824 died April 26th 1894 also of Jane his wife born January 24th 1824 died March 24th 1866 also of Jane daughter of the above who departed this life Nov 19th 1922 aged 62 years and was interred at Chard Cemetery Somerset. Faithful until death

  • In Loving Memory of Isabella daughter of Thomas and Agnes WRATHALL of Thornber, Bentham born Sept 10th 1875 died May 2nd 1891

High Bentham - St. Margaret's Church

  • In Loving Memory of Stephen WRATHALL born Feb 3rd 1873 died Oct 9th 1915 also his sister Isabella 1878 - 1970
    [vase] In Loving Memory of Emily Pybus FORSTER 1902 - 1972

  • William HEBBLETHWAITE born May 9th 1924 died May 17th 1924 John Edward HEBBLETHWAITE born June 23rd 1889 died 17th Dec 1959 Dora HEBBLETHWAITE born June 2nd 1894 died Nov 16th 1970. At rest

    [tablet] Margaret WRATHALL died 3rd Feb 1994 aged 72 years

Plaques of remembrance south side of church

  • William Foster WRATHALL died March 19 1967 aged 80 years

  • Marion WRATHALL died May 23 1974 aged 90 years

Low Bentham - St. John The Baptist

  • In Affectionate Remembrance of Stephan Butterfield of Bentham who died Aug 19th 1848 aged 48 years also of Sarah his beloved wife who died Decbr 22nd 1873 aged 77 years also of Nancy their daughter who died Decr 5th 1836 aged 5 months also of Sarah their daughter who died April 2nd 1837 aged 9 months also William Simpson BUTTERFIELD their son who died June 17th 1845 aged 16 years also of Emma their granddaughter who died June 26th 1853 aged 1 year & 4 months also of Margaret WRATHALL who died March 13th 1881 aged 45 years

Thornton-in-Lonsdale - St. Oswald

  • In Memory of James Balderstone WRATHALL died July 3rd 1929 aged 84 years

  • In Memory of Thomas WRATHALL who was born 23 September 1819 and died< 23 September 1852 also Annie WRATHALL his sister who died April 4th 1871 aged 47 years also John WRATHALL father of the above who died February 12th 1872 aged 79 years also of Ellen WRATHALL the beloved wife of the above who died March 17th 1877 in the 89th year of her age also of Stephen son of John and Ellen WRATHALL who died Oct 13th 1901 aged 85 years

  • In Affectionate Remembrance of Lucy Ellen daughter of Anthony & Jane WRATHALL of Casterton who died September 8th 1883 aged 21 years also of Anthony WRATHALL father of above who died at Hornby Nov 26th 1900 aged 74 years also of Jane his wife who died Feb 27th 1911 aged 71 years

  • In Memory of Margaret and John WRATHALL of Westhouse , the former died Feb 18th 1849 aged 1 year and 9 months, the latter died Feb 20th 1849 aged 2 years and her 71st year also Mary Jane daughter of the above who died Jan 27th 1900 aged 28 years also Edward son of the above who died May 27th 1932 aged 64 years

  • In Memory of James WRATHALL of Bentham born May 23rd 1869 died Dec 8th 1930 also his wife Dinah born Oct 3rd 1864 died Sept 6th 1935

  • In Memory of Anthony Richard WRATHALL of Chapel-le-Dale born Aug 28th 1868 died Jan 21st 1931 and his wife Mercy WRATHALL died Aug 24th 1952 aged 76 years

Chapel-le-Dale - St. Leonard

  • In Loving Memory of Charles Edgar youngest son of Anthony R. & Mercy WRATHALL of Brunscar born Nov 26th 1911 died Jan 2nd 1922

Halton-on-Lune - St. Wilfrid’s

  • In loving memory of Thomas WRATHALL born 23rd June 1884 died 1st December 1949 also his beloved wife Henrietta WRATHALL born 25th May 1884 died 15th January 1976

Conistone - St. Mary

  • Margaret youngest daughter of William and Hannah WRATHALL of Conistone died June 25th 1859 aged 20. Also Hannah the wife of William WRATHALL died Nov 19th 1873 aged 72. Also William WRATHALL died March 25th 1880 in his 80th year. Also their daughter Sarah died at Burnsall May 24th 1887 aged 53.

  • Robert youngest son of John PRESTON of Linton and nephew of Wm. WRATHALL of Conistone died Nov 7th 1874 aged 25.

  • Susan Y. C. daughter of Lupton and Mary WRATHALL died Nov 29th 1767 in her 13th year.

  • Stephen WRATHALL of Conistone, died Dec 7th 1821 aged69. Also Sarah his wife died July 1st 1840 aged 81. Also Stephen their son died in infancy 1798. Also Margaret their daughter and wife of Stephen WRATHALL died July 4th 1846 aged 41 years and buried at Linton Church. Also Mary LAMBERT daughter of the above Stephen and Sarah WRATHALL died at Grassington Aug 25th 1881 aged 87

Linton - St. Michael & All Angels

  • Ellen, d of Stephen & Margaret WRATHALL, of Linton, died 4th Aug 1872, aged 36. Also William, son, who died at Moor Hall, Earby, died June 29th 1904, aged 66 yrs.

  • William WRATHALL, of Gr., died Dec 5th 1877, aged 51. Also Grace WRATHALL, wife of above, died Feb 2nd 1897, aged 68. Also Annie WRATHALL, daughter, died 21st Aug 1882, aged14. Also Grace Ann, Gertrude & William, their children, who died in infancy.

  • Clara Elizabeth WRATHALL, w of William, died Nov 14th 1922, aged 59. Also sara Isabel GARSTON, Fane de Salis, daughter of above & mother of Timothy & Peter, died Nov 28th 1970, aged 74. Also Kathleen Mary Garston PAUL, daughter of above and wife of Russell PAUL, died April 30th 1979, aged 81.

  • Wm WRATHALL, of Grassington, who ------- ---- ------ 22nd 1759, aged 5?. Also lies ------ -------- his? wife --------- of his children, Marg------, Ann----, Wm------, [Not in burial list]

  • Esther, the wife of William FOSTER, of Linton, who died Feb 13th 1885, aged 37 years. Also of the above William FOSTER, who died Feb 27th 1912, aged63 years. Also William Foster WRATHALL, grandson of above, who died Dec 15th 1912, aged 9 months. Also Ann, wife of the above William FOSTER, who died Jan22nd 1925, aged 75 years.

  • Robert WRATHALL, of Farnhill Hall, died April 6th 1912, aged 50 years. Also Fred son of the said Robert and Nannie WRATHALL, died Oct 1907 aged 19 years. Also of Bob their son, died Feb 18th 1892, aged 1 year 11 months. Also the aforesaid Nannie WRATHALL, died June 22nd 1948 aged 88 years. Also their son Tom WRATHALL, died Feb 13th 1950, aged 64 years. Of Ian, second son of Alex & Anne McLAREN, Carnoustie, N.B. died 15th June 1924, aged 2 years & 8 months.

  • Anthony WRATHALL?, of Grasssington, died Sept 5th 1838?, aged 66 years. Also Ann, his wife, who died 4th? March 1845, aged 67? years

  • William CARLISLE, of Grassington, who died Sept 13th 1861, aged 54 years. Also of Isabella, wife of the above, who died Oct 27th 1884, in her 64th year. Ann WRATHALL, eldest dtr of the above, died Nov 30th 1901, aged 56 years. Also William, their son, who died Oct 28th 1917 aged 63 years. Also John CARLISLE, died March 18th 1923, aged 75 years.