Wrathall Wills and Probate Documents

In June 2001, Myra Simmonds provided transcriptions of two Linton Wrathall Wills: See also Wrathall Research by Myra Simmonds.

In Oct. 2004, Derek Wrathall, who can be reached at DWrathall(at)Totalise(dot)co(dot)uk, mentioned that he spent some time doing research in London at the Family Records Centre and the National Archives. Derek wrote the following about his transcriptions of three London Wrathall Wills:
[Regarding] the transcript of the Will of William Wrathall, Wine Merchant: he already has a mention on your site and I think a contribution from a descendant of his brother. Perhaps of particular interest is the reference to his uncle, William Wrathall of Burnsall, and the legacy to one of the Executors, the Rev. Stephen Bland of Burnsall. It seems to be a pretty safe bet that he came from Burnsall. In the book "A Wharfedale Village", by Eric Lodge, there is a chapter on the Blands, and the reference to Stephen states:
...., Stephen on the other hand manifested outstanding academic ability and at the age of sixteen was appointed Master of the Grammar School against much older and more experienced men, a position he held for 41 years. With an aptitude for philology he acquired a working knowledge of eleven different languages, took holy orders and officiated as assistant curate at the church from 1812 to 1850.
[I've also sent a transcription of] the Will of Robert Wrathall, Wire Drawer, who also has a mention on your site. Unfortunately his will is not very enlightening. The Will of Sarah Wrathall is a little better, as it does mention some of her Wrathall relatives.
The wills transcribed by Derek in Oct. 2004 are as follows:
In Feb. 2005, Elaine A. Game , who is researching the line of Florence Jane Wrathall of Ballarat, sent a scan of a probate document concerning the will of Stephen Wrathall of Tasmania (1779 -1872).
In July 2005, Derek Wrathall mentioned his research in York at the Borthwick Institute:
I recently joined a family history outing to the Borthwick Institute in York and found that they have around 40 Wrathall wills, admons and tuitions up to 1858. I spent some time getting all the right references and finding on which of the Institute film reels the wills were copied, but then only had the time to look at and copy the first few. They range from 1588 to 1848 so may be useful in putting families together. As you can imagine, they are not easy to transcribe .....
The wills transcribed by Derek in July 2005 are as follows:
In Jan. 2006, DocumentsOnline (The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey) had in its category "Death Duty Registers" the following record:
Description: Administration letter of William Wrathall, Yeoman of Grassington in the parish of Linton, Yorkshire
Date: May 04 1803
Catalogue reference IR 26/425
Dept: Records of the Boards of Stamps, Taxes, Excise, Stamps and Taxes, and Inland Revenue
Series: Board of Inland Revenue and predecessors: Estate Duty Office and predecessors: Registers of Legacy Duty, Succession Duty and Estate Duty
Piece: Abstracts of administrations and probates of wills

In The Ancient Parish-Church of Linton (Volume 4) is the following record:
William, son of Henry Wrathall of Grassington, Buried [Apr.] 5th 1803
In Mar. 2006, Irene Wrathall Millward's daughters Rosemary Thompson and Jill Juchau, who can be reached at juchau05(at)sbcglobal(dot)net, contributed the following document (author unknown):

A list of all Wills and Administrations in the name
of Wrathall found entered in the indexes at the York Probate
Registry between the years 1750 and 1858.

Date Surname
Name Place Comments
Sep. 1753 Wathall Susanna Grassington Probate Linton - will
Jun. 1760 Wathall William Grassington Probate Linton - will
Dec. 1788 Wathall William Thorpe Probate Burnsall - will
Mar. 1791 Wathall Lupton Burnsall Probate Burnsall - will
Aug. 1801 Wathall William Thorpe Probate Burnsall - will
Aug. 1812 Wreathall Robert North Newbald ____________ will
Dec. 1816 Wrathall Henry Grassington Probate Linton - will
Oct. 1822 Wrathall Stephen Coniston Probate Burnsall - will
Feb. 1828 Wrathall William Burnsall ____________ will
Jul. 1830 Wreathall Mary North Newbald ____________ will
Dec. 1838 Wrathall Anthony Grassington Probate Linton - will
Jan. 1840 Wrathall Richard Burnsall ____________ will
Apr. 1843 Wrathall Ann Grassington Probate Linton - will
May 1848 Wrathall John Long Preston ____________ will

In Apr. 2006, Derek Wrathall contributed the results of his research at the Lancashire Record Office in Preston regarding the family of Stephen and Ann Wrathell of Lancaster:
Attached are a couple of wills I found when following up the catalogue references from the A2A site at Preston. I paid for a copy to be made of Ann's will, but Stephen's was so faint that I didn't think a copy would be readable so I transcribed it at the Record Office. I think the son, Charles, is possibly the Charles Carlton whose miniature portrait I found at Lancaster library. There is the death of a Priscilla Ann Wrathell recorded in the GRO Indexes for the 2nd qtr of 1854, registered at Bury.

I also found under reference QSP/2226/3, the Manchester Quarter Sessions Petitions, the record of a payment to Stephen Wrathell for coal delivered, presumably to the Sessions House in Lancaster, in the 1st quarter of 1787. This must be the same Stephen.
The wills transcribed by Derek in Apr. 2006 are as follows: For further information on this family, see the page for Charles Carlton Wrathall. For more information on the A2A data referred to by Derek, see the page concerning the Lancashire Record Office: Wrathall Catalogue Entries (1787 - 1891).
In Jun./Jul. 2007, Derek sent transcriptions of several Wrathall Wills:
I have now made that second trip to the Borthwick Institute and have managed to get copies of 22 Wrathall wills prior to 1858. Some are relatively easy to transcribe, and some may warrant a further visit, as I found that more can be read on the microfilm than on the printed copies...
The wills (and 1 memorandum) transcribed by Derek in Jun./Jul. 2007 are as follows:
In Oct. 2008, Derek sent the following information:
I have been to the Borthwick Institute again and run off copies of the last of the wills, admons (administrations) and tuitions. Unfortunately the tuitions and three of the admons are in Latin and all the copies are of poor quality, so for now I am only attaching the two wills and two of the admons.
The wills: The admons:

[See also the complete list of Derek Wrathall's Transcriptions of Wrathall wills and legal documents ]